Product introduction

Industrial-grade chip platform and system

  • HiSilicon chip, mini version of Linux, high stability
  • Low power consumption (as low as 4W)
  • Supports multiple types of shells and appearance customization

High-precision facial recognition algorithm

  • Embedded algorithm, millisecond comparison
  • Accurate monocular live detection, safe and efficient
  • The accuracy rate of N library within 50,000 is 99.8%
  • Multi-scene image exposure and correction algorithm
  • Support temperature measurement, display, high temperature warning
  • Support temperature interface protocol
  • Support mask reminder
  • Scene, supporting the use of gate / speed gate

Applicable scene  

  • Suitable for parks, communities, communities, campuses, etc.



Face are unique, can not be copied, and prevent counterfeiting


No need to touch the equipment, it can be identified by entering the range, convenient for hygiene

3、Diverse application

Public cloud deployment, private deployment. LAN use, stand-alone use

4、Various expansion

Supporting expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader, fingerprint instrument, 1C card reader, QR code reader, etc


Different angles/ different light/ face changes can be accurately identified

6、High accuracy

Adopting high performance Infrared thermal imaging module, temperature measuring accuracy ±0.2°C


Support multiple API docking for secondary development

8、Easy to collect

No special equipment, mobile phone and computer camera can collect faces anytime anywhere

Distance 40cm Body temperature measurement

Temperature measurement values can be set in backstage. When personnel temperature are detected higher than the set value, alarm will be triggered, meanwhile the gate would not open. When personnel are identified to wear no masks, alarm will be triggered as well, and gate would not open. Support voice broadcast during measuring.


It can be used with Access gate and Card access control for communities, office buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hub centers and other public service places.

Product  Specifications
Model No. TYL-H070KM-F
Technical parameter Operating system Embedded Linux
Storage capacity Built-in standard 4GB EMMC
Display 7 “HD IPS Screen
Monocular camera 2 Mega pixels, 120-degree wide-angle lens, supports wide dynamic, white night vision
Open the door Support facial recognition
Opening hours <1 second
Face recognition rate 99.8%
Facial recognition Recognition Height 0.8-2.5 m
Recognition Distance 0.5-2 Meters
View angle Vertical ±60 degree
Recognition time <500ms
Smallest pixel Face recognition supports a minimum face distance of 20 pixels
Human face storage capacity Maximum 22,400
Black and white list function Stand by
Temperature measurement module parameters Temperature measurement distance <1 meter
Best distance 0.5-0.8m
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.3
Effective emissivity 0.97 ± 0.02
Wavelength size 5.5-14um
Response time <1 second
General parameters The internet 1 RJ45 100M Ethernet port
Communication mode Support TCP / IP wired communication
Powered by DC 12 ~ 15V / 2A, 4W
Operating temperature 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
Installation characteristics Use with matching gate / speed gate
Customized service Appearance can be customized, and customization is charged

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