2017 ICEE · Arab UAE International Consumer Electronics Exhibition  starting in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center (ADNEC)  At 11 a.m . local(Abu Dhabi)  time on September 25th(15:00 pm Beijing time) . The exhibition lasted three days. ICEE · Arab is the only professional category of consumer electronics exhibitions in the UAE and the Middle East, which is dedicated to one-stop trade services. China is the most important trading partner of the UAE. ICEE · Arab 2017 UAE International Consumer Electronics has attracted much attention from the beginning of publicity.

Shenzhen Weiguan Views Technology Co participate the International Consumer Electronics Expo Arab with the security front and terminal display products: CCTV Cameras, CCTV Monitors, LCD Vide Wall, LCD Digital Signage and other Customized products, as well as leading intelligent display technology integrated solution. The company offers good quality products and comprehensive technical solutions for international customers.

The photos of communicating with customers at the show

Wireless camera


HD intelligent network monitor;

Remote connection 4G SIM card IP camera;

All-round 360-degree watch housekeeping and shop;

Ultra high definition;

Support WIFI connections ;

Support 4G / 3G / 2G transfer data and preview and play on Mobile / Tablet PC / PC / NVR.

Video wall can be used as a separate monitor, but also can be spliced into a large LCD screen to use. According to different needs, to achieve variable large and variable small screen function: single-screen split display, single-screen display alone, any combination display, full-screen LCD video wall, vertical screen display. Video wall have been widely used in the command and control center, large conference room, and various monitoring places……

Our company has strengthened the intelligent product development, solving the multi-level man-machine interaction needs in some fields, such like education, corporate meetings, restaurants, games. Pushing out the new products: Interactive Whiteboard, and other interactive intelligent products, solving the needs of customers.

In today’s development of the times of intelligent terminal display, whether the front of the surveillance camera or the terminal screen display, there is a great potential of the market. The exhibition has made full use of the local resources of the UAE to provide our exhibitors with the most convenient, accurate and practical platform for economic and trade exchange. Through this ICEEA, we will further communicate with international customers and understand our customers’ needs more.

Shenzhen Weiguan Views Technology Co., Ltd provides customers with conceptual design, customized products, installation service, technical support and other services in the security and multimedia advertising terminal display. Hoping to keep stable and friendly long-term cooperation with our customers. Creating beautiful futures together!