full hd lcd video wall

Full HD LCD Video Wall

LCDs (liquid crystal displays) are one of today’s most popular display options. You’re probably already familiar with LCD technology due to its widespread use in consumer electronics like smartphones, computer monitors, and television screens.

4K LCD Video Wall

Tyalux offers a full selection of high-performance LCD video walls. Our CineView series of LCD display systems delivers unparalleled brightness precision, and visual performance.Offering ultra-narrow bezels and a thin-profile design, Tyalux LCDs create an immersive display platform for your content.Tyalux video walls are 24/7 reliable and offer extreme longevity and value.

4k uhd video wall display
video wall controller

LCD Video Wall Controller

Large and small venues alike use TYALUX’s processors to broadcast a single image across multiple screens, a single image across a single display, or display several different feeds within a single display.

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