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CCTV Monitor


◇Thin and Aluminium Frame CCTV monitor
◇CCTV Monitor
◇Full HD
◇Pure black section aluminum frame, sheet metal back cover

IP Camera Tester


The IPC Tester is mainly applied in video surveillance system installation and maintenance engineering, it combines the video surveillance center device function and many basic engineering tools, which can improve engineering convenience and improve the work efficiency in the process of installation, maintenance and other engineering work .

The IPC tester supports traditional analog SD video system, IP HD system.

cctv camera tester

ip camera tester

IP Camera Test


◇ Support Both Onvif &POE HD IP Camera and Digital Analog Camera System testing;
◇ Compatible with Axis, Samsung, Sony, Bosch, Panasonic, Vivotek, Dahua and Hikvision’s IP Camera.

HD Camera Tester


◇Multifunction 4-in-1 all Analog Camera Tester;
◇Support HD TVI ,CVI, AHD (2MP 1080P)& Analog Camera;
◇ HD Coaxial Camera and Analog Camera System testing;
◇Support OSD Function.
◇ OEM service: Logo printing and Power-on Logo Input, Label etc.

2.5inch cctv monitor

2.5″ CCTV Tester


◇LED backlight provides longer life,uses less power and provides better color saturation
◇Battery for field monitor use included
◇Ideal for trouble shooting system setup/fault location
◇Manual color adjustment
◇Low power consumption
◇Case made of durable ABS plastic
◇Manual controls for brightness,color,contrast

3.5″ CCTV Tester


◇Battery pack provides 7 hrs continuous operation when power out closed
◇Snap-on battery pack holds 4pcs of AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (batteries included)
◇Manual controls for brightness,color,contrast and audio volume
◇DC12V output to camera  for emergency working

3.5inch cctv tester
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