Product introduction

Temperature measurement access control displays,Adopting the high-performance hardware platform of RSM micro rk3288 / rk3399 / Qualcomm msm8953, equipped with industrial grade binocular camera and human face recognition technology, as well as infrared thermal imaging module. It supports face mask recognition, ID card reader, fingerprint instrument and other peripheral extensions. It can be applied to gate channel and access control attendance to achieve safe and efficient access control of personnel.



Face are unique, can not be copied, and prevent counterfeiting


No need to touch the equipment, it can be identified by entering the range, convenient for hygiene

3、Diverse application

Public cloud deployment, private deployment. LAN use, stand-alone use

4、Various expansion

Supporting expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader, fingerprint instrument, 1C card reader, QR code reader, etc


Different angles/ different light/ face changes can be accurately identified

6、High accuracy

Adopting high performance Infrared thermal imaging module, temperature measuring accuracy ±0.2°C


Support multiple API docking for secondary development

8、Easy to collect

No special equipment, mobile phone and computer camera can collect faces anytime anywhere

Distance 30-80cm Body temperature measurement

Temperature measurement values can be set in backstage. When personnel temperature are detected higher than the set value, alarm will be triggered, meanwhile the gate would not open. When personnel are identified to wear no masks, alarm will be triggered as well, and gate would not open. Support voice broadcast during measuring.


It can be used with Access gate and Card access control for communities, office buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hub centers and other public service places.

Product  Specifications
Model No. TYL-H080KM-F
Camera Pixels 2 Mega
Type Binocular wide dynamic camera
Focus distance 50-150cm
White balance Auto
Display Size 8.0 inch
Resolution 800×1280
Processor CPU Rk3288 four cores/ rk3399 six cores/ msm8953 eight cores
Local storage EMMC 8G
Accessory Fill light LED and infrared double fill light
Interface Network module Support Ethernet, wireless (WiFi)
Audio Support 2.5W/4R horn
USB 1*USB OTG,1*USB HOST Standard A port
Serial 1*RS232
Relay output 1
Wiegand interface 1*26/34 output,1*26/34 input
Upgrade button Support Uboot upgrade button
LAN 1*RJ45
Function Face detection Support multiple people detection and tracking
Face database capacity 30 thousands
1:N Face recognition Supported
1:1 face-matching Supported
Stranger detection Supported
Detection distance configuration Supported
UI  interface configuration Supported
Remote upgrade Supported
Device interface Interface includes equipment management, personnel / photo management, record query, etc
Deployment mode Support public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN use, stand-alone use
Infrared thermal imaging module Human body temperature detection Supported
Temperature detection distance 1 meter
Measuring Accuracy ≤ ±0.2℃
Measuring range 10℃~42℃
Thermal imaging field of view 32 X 32℃
Visitors with normal temperature will be passed directly Supported
Over temperature alarm Support (temperature alarm value can be set)
General Parameters Protection grade IP65,outdoor dustproof and waterproof functions
Power DC12V(±10%)
Working temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Consumption 13.5W(Max)
Mounting type Gate support installation
Dimension 238.24*128*25(mm)
Weight 1.45kg
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