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Standalone Waterproof Outdoor LCD Kiosks

Key Features

◇Full HD 1080P LCD panel(LED backlight);
◇ Water-proof ,anti-dust, anti-thunder, anti-theft;
◇ High brightness is Supported :1500nits-2500nits (sun-readable);
◇ Built in Cool system:IP55 fan system /IP65 Air Conditioning system;
◇Come with front tempered glass and anti-glare glass;
◇Sensitive 2-32 multipoint capacitive touch screen is Supported;
◇ 22″, 32″,43”, 47″ ,49″, 55”, 65″ 70″,75″,84″,85″ available size;
◇Wall mount, roof hanging and free standing(fixed on ground) all available.

Outdoor Multi Touch Screen Kiosk Applied in Many Fields

Outdoor kiosks have the advantage of 24/7 availability. With sunlight readable monitors, durability, rust-free enclosures and secure systems, an outdoor kiosk can make for a great marketing tool for any organization. Display town information, events, wayfinding maps, historical information and much more. These kiosks can provide information outside of business hours and with no supervision.

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Weather Resistant

It is very important for outdoor kiosks to be weather-resistant. There are numerous sensitive, electronic elements inside them that can be affected by changing seasons. One of the considerations that we have in our design of outdoor kiosk is to ensure that moisture from snow and rain does not enter the machine. We also make sure that hot and cold temperature or the shift from hot to cold will not cause the machine to malfunction.

Withstand Malicious Behavior

Since an outdoor kiosk is usually unmanned, it can be more vulnerable to damage than an indoor kiosk.Some outdoor kiosks, like ATMs have money in it and may be targeted by thieves.It is very important to ensure that these outdoor kiosks are properly equipped to withstand malicious behavior. Be assured that our product can tolerate such misconduct.

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