tyalux cctv monitor
t600 cctv tester

IP Camera Tester


Product Features

◇ IP camera test: Discover the camera and view camera video , configure the camera parameters, etc.
◇ Ethernet test:10M/100M/1G Ethernet link test; Packet loss test; Ethernet loop detection; etc.
◇ Ping, sniff, list, tracert and other IP layer test.
◇ Video screen shot, video recording and playback.
◇ 12V/2A power output. PSE power output
◇ Support Axis, Samsung, Dahua & Hikvision’s IPC etc.

Product Operation

◇ Connect POE injector output port to tester port 2 via a RJ45 cable. When the yellow light of port 2 and the charge indicator turns on, the tester starts to recharge the battery.
◇ It will take 3~4 hours to recharging a fully run-out battery. When battery is fully charged, the charge indicator will turn off.
◇ Recharging is available when tester is power-on and off. However, it’ll take a little longer to recharge when the tester is power-on.
◇ If DC12V or PSE power output is applied when recharging, the output consumption can be higher than the input power supply, in that case, the battery can’t be recharged and even cause discharging. And the tester may automatically reset and even cause malfunction when battery runs out.
◇ Do not use non-standard POE power supply and non-standard POE injector to recharge. Otherwise it may damage the tester.

When recharging with the self-contained POE power charging injector, the injector data in port can be also connected to the Internet at the same time.

cctv ipc tester
tyalux cctv monitor
Model IPC-T600
IPC Test
Ethernet test 10M/100M/1G Ethernet link;Ethernet loop detection;DHCP client and server ;

Ethernet traffic flow monitor* Data link quality monitor*

IP Test DHCP/Manually Setting the IP
IPC Test Discover devices,real-time video,camera configuration,PTZ test,inter-subnet discovery of ONVIF device
IPC Image test Full-screen preview, zoom in the preview(Fit screen,1x,2x,4x),screen shot and video recording (Meta data )
Connector Dual-port RJ45 Ethernet 1Gbps,bridge mode supported;
POE Test
PD test Accept power from PSE ,802.3at;Supply voltage monitor
PSE test Provide power for connected PD .802.3at;25.5W max,PD actual power measurement
Analog Video Test
Video Format NTSC/PAL Auto-adaptation
Video signal 1Vpp
  Display    adjustment Video display brightness, contrast, color saturation is adjustable
Video input/output Video IN BNC Input,Video OUT BNC  Output
Video digital zoom Supports “fit screen”“1X”“2X”“4X” Four multiples ,screen shot , recording(h.264)
Video signal generator Send PAL/NTSC format a variety of graphic video test signal
12V Power Output
Power output 12V/2A output interface:Circular diameter 4mm,internal needle 1.6mm
Audio Test
Audio test Stereo audio input
485 PTZ Control Test
Communication interface RS485
Communication protocol Pelco-D/P、Samsung、Panasonic、Lilin、Yaan  more than 30 protocols
Baud rate 150,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200bps
Protocol code capture Receive and display RS485 data sent from controlling device
LED flashlight
Forward LED Two 35lm LED ,astigmatism
Power  Supply
Charger POE power injector

Output  48V/15W,Input AC100~230V 50~60Hz

Battery Replaceable 7.4V 22.2Wh lithium polymer battery ,Working time about 10 hours
Charging POE charging ,Power 10Wmax.Charging time 3 to 4 hours
Power save Auto switch between states of working ,standby and shutdown. Battery level is displayed in real time
System settings
Display Screen 4.0-inch TFT 800*RGB*480(WVGA) resolution ,16.7M color,backlight brightness adjustable
Operation Power button,the main control keyboard 12 keys,45 keys QWERTY swing keyboard
Language settings Chinese, English, Russia user selectable
Auto standby Disable/5 to 60 minutes
Keyboard sound On / off
Working environment and Specifications
Temperature -20℃—+70℃
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